Services A-Z (136)


Accessibility Support

Add Users or Roles to DocuSign

Additional Email Services

Adobe for Employees

Advisor Swap

Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus Software Issue

Auxiliary System Issues


Banner Access Request

Banner How-To Support

Banner Issues

Building/Door Access

Business Process Review


Campus Safety Camera

Canvas Request

Change or Grant access to Email Account

Cognos Report Issue

Compromised Account or Data

Computer Issue

Computer Lab Issue

Computer Reload/Image

Computer Return

Conference Room Equipment

Conference Room Issue

Course Design & Development


Data Analysis and Consulting

Data Security Service

DegreeWorks Issue

Digital Sign Issue

Display Issue

Distribution Lists

DocuSign (Overview)

DocuSign Issue

Door Access Issues

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication


Electronic Waste

Emergency Alerts

eMPerson8r Access Request

Encryption Email

Equipment Check-Out

ESU Custom Application

ESU Gmail Account

ESU Website Support

Event Support


FAX Service Issues

Firewall Request


General IT Help Request

Google 2-Step Verification (MFA)

Google Password


Hornet TV

HR Application Portal


Information Security Assessment

Instant Messaging

Instructional Tools

IT Change Request 2024


Job Location Change, Technology Request

Job or Data Interface Issue

Job or Data Interface Modification


Lab Software Request

Laptop Check-Out

Learning Space Equipment Issue

Learning Technologies Equipment Check-Out

Lost or Stolen Device


Modify Existing OnBase Workflow

Move Display to New Location


Network Issue

New Access Point

New Computer Install

New Computer Quote Request

New Digital Sign Request

New Display

New Employee Laptop Request

New Ethernet Connection

New Fax Service

New Job or Data Interface

New Learning Space Request

New OnBase Workflow

New Payment Gateway

New Phone

New SharePoint Drive

New SharePoint Group


Office 365 Applications

Office Application for Home Use

Office Application Issue

OnBase Access Request

OnBase Issue

OneDrive Issues

Other Desktop Software

Outlook Calendars

Outlook Email


Payment System Issue

PCI Review Request

Personal Device Assistance

Phone Issue

Phone Move or Disconnect

Print Services


Report Issue with VPN

Request a demo of DocuSign

Request a Departmental DocuSign Account

Request a Shared Mailbox (Email)

Request Access to Cognos Reporting

Request Access to OnBase

Request or Modify a Cognos Report

Request or Modify Cognos Access

Request Support for Form/Workflow Development for DocuSign

Reset Apple Device

Retiree Email Account

RSO Leadership Permission Request


Scanner Issue

Secure File Upload

Security Audit

Security Awareness

Shared Calendar Access Request

SharePoint Issue

SkyLab Access (Employee Desktop)

SkyLab Access Request (School of Business)

SkyLab Access Request (Science)

SkyLab Issues

Software/Hardware Assessment

Special Wireless Request

SSB Issues & Support

Student Web Pages

Suspicious Email Report



Technology Review, Selection, and Purchase


University Password (Self-Service)

Upgrade or Enhancement to Auxiliary System


Virus Detected

Voice Mail Issues

Voice Mail Service

VVV Email Request

VVV Request


W or X Drive Folder Access

Wireless Network Issue