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Electronic and IT Accessibility

Request email for generic account, send bulk emails, configure spam filter settings

Symantec anti-virus software for ESU-owned, and personally owned devices

Issues with Microsoft Defender on ESU owned machines

Add or remove AOP Coaches in Canvas

Software to schedule appointments with campus resources

Report any issues with an auxiliary system connected to Banner, such as TerraDotta, Handshake, CBORD, Blackbaud, Point & Click, Starrez, etc.

To provide modifications to existing Banner Security.

Request help with using Banner, navigation assistance, or to view helpful Banner user guides.

For assistance with technical issues or errors in the Banner 9 environment.

Blackboard A11Y integration with Canvas for accessibility

Add or remove users, adjust access hours, quote new card access equipment

Consultation services to review Business Processes & Improvement

Request new campus safety camera placement