Using a VPN Connection on Windows when Off Campus

Tags VPN Remote

How To:

  • Install the VPN Client on Windows

Applies To:

  • Staff
  • Faculty


In order to protect university resources and information, Remote Desktop Connection Protocol (RDP) will no longer be supported as a stand-alone connection. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection allows for safe, secure, traffic access to university resources when off-campus. NOTE: You will not be able to test this connection when on campus. 

Follow these instructions to install the VPN client:

1.  Go to and enter your ESU username and password.

2. Download the software.

3.  Double-click the download or click Run. (this will vary depending on your browser)

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4. Click Next. Accept the license agreement and click Next.

5. Click Install. Then click Finish .

6. Go to the Start Menu, type in Cisco, and then click on the desktop app.