Using a VPN Connection on Mac when Off Campus

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How To:

  • Install the VPN Client on Mac

Applies To:

  • Staff & Faculty


In order to protect university resources and information, Remote Desktop Connection Protocol (RDP) will no longer be supported as a stand-alone connection. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection allows for safe, secure, traffic access to university resources when off campus. NOTE: You will not be able to test this connection when on campus. 

1. Go to to the tab for your role (Employees or Faculty) and then go to the Downloads button. Click the "Get VPN Client for MacOS" button. Then click Download.

website interface showing the download icon 

website interface showing the vpn for mac icon

website interface showing the download button


2.  Once the file is downloaded, open your Downloads folder, and double click the anyconnect-macos...dmg file.

Downloads folder

Download of anyconnect

3.  Double click the anyconnect-macos...pkg file to begin the installation. Click Install, then click Continue. Enter your Mac username and password. Click Agree on the license agreement. 

Install icon

Mac Password

4. A message will come up stating that the Cisco System Extension has been blocked.  Click Open Preferences. On the Security and Privacy screen, click Allow. This screen will close.  Click Dismiss on the next screen. 

Attention Cisco System Extention blocked box

Extension Enabled box

5. This will finish the installation. Click Close. 

Installation Successful

6. The VPN software will now be found in your Applications folder in the Cisco folder. The VPN program is called Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.  Double click to launch the VPN.

Applications folder

Cicso Folder

AnyConnect icon

7. Enter esu-vpn.emporia.ed or Click Connect. Enter your ESU username and password. Click OK. This will connect you to the VPN. You will also need to authenticate with Duo to allow the sign in. Duo must be set to receive auto-push notifications, it it is not, the connection will time out.

VPN Address box

Username and password

Note: When the VPN connection is active, you will see an icon in the upper right menu bar.  The orange padlock icon indicates that the connection is active and secure.  To end the connection, click the icon, then click Disconnect. When off-campus, connect to the Internet first then be sure to launch the Cisco VPN so you will have a secure connection. If prompted you may be required to sign in. Be sure that you disconnect from the VPN when on campus.

Connected Connected

Disconnected Not Connected


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