Add or Remove Devices for Duo After Enrollment

How To:

  • Add or Remove Devices for Duo After Enrollment

Applies To:

  • Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees Enrolled in Duo


Have a new phone? Want to add a security key? You can easily add and remove devices right from the Duo Prompt. 

Enroll a New Device 

1) Open an Incognito/Private browser window and log into an ESU system to get to the Duo screen. To enroll a new device, click  Add a new device. 

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2) Choose an authentication method and complete two-factor authentication to begin adding your new device.  

3) If you're adding a new device to replace one that you previously activated for Duo Push, don't select the Duo Push authentication method on this page unless you still have the original device. If you don't have the original device, but you have a new device with the same phone number, then you can authenticate with a phone call or passcode sent via text.

4) You can't add a new device from this page if you do not have access to any of your previously enrolled authentication devices; you'll need to contact the IT Help Desk. 

Need step by step on how to add a device? Check out this article

Remove a Device 

Open an Incognito/Private Window and log into an ESU system to get to the Duo screen. Click on my Settings & Devices from the menu on the left.

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If your new device is replacing the one you previously enrolled in, you can remove the device you won't be using anymore for authentication. Click the Device Options button next to the device you want to remove, and then click the trash can button to delete that device. If you delete a Key or a Token and want it added back, you will need to contact the Help Desk to get this added reactivated for your account before it can be used again. 

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You will have the chance to confirm that you want to delete that device. 

Confirm Deletion 

The authentication device is removed from your profile. 

Device Removed



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