Accept Proxy Access

How To:

  • Accept Proxy Access 

Applies To:

  • Parents/Guardians or anyone granted access by a student


Note: There are two separate systems that students can grant users access to. This article is about Proxy Access. This allows access to Grades, Financial Aid, and Schedules. The second is Authorized Users. This can be added to access Payments, Bills, and Tax Statements. See our other Knowledge Base articles on these topics. If you cannot access the account or do not remember the email address or password, your student will need to go into their account and remove the proxy and re-add it. The help desk cannot set proxy account passwords. The URL for the Proxy login page is -

1)  The person given proxy access will receive an email with the subject of New Proxy Identity, which contains the information needed to activate the account. There will be two other emails with helpful information. Open the New Proxy Identity email.  The message will contain a link that will take you to a page to activate your account, as well as an Action Password. Click the link in the email.

Example of email showing New Proxy access has been granted.

2) The following page reads 'The email you received contained an Action Link (which you have used to get here) and an Action Password used to verify that you are the intended recipient. You will also use this value as the 'Old Pin' on the following page when establishing your new pin.'

Enter the Action Password from the email and click Submit. 

Website interface showing Action Password field

3)  Enter the required information. 

        - Enter the parent/proxy's email address

        - Enter the Old Pin. This is the Action Password from the email if this is your first time accessing the account. 

         -Enter a New Pin. Create a new pin.

        - Validate Pin. Re-enter the new pin you have just created.

Click Save. 

Website interface showing the password change screen for Proxy Access

4) You will now have access to the proxy account. Click your named tab at the top to access it. 


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