Cognos Report Has No Output

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How To:

  • Troubleshoot when a Cognos Report Has No Output

Applies To:

  • Faculty & Staff with Cognos Access


The most common reasons for a Cognos report not having output can be explained as follows:

If you are sure you have approved access to run a Cognos report, you will be able to locate the report in the folder and complete the prompts necessary to run the report.  Once it appears the report is completed, yet you have no output, it can be due to two reasons.

1. Your pop-up blocker is preventing the results from downloading.  Once the report is completed, a window will appear asking you how you would like to see your output.  Generally, reports are best viewed in Excel 2003+.  After selecting Excel as the output option, if you still don't see the output, it may be due to your pop-up blocker being activated.  Simply disable your pop-up blocker and you should be able to see your output.

2. Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for running reports in Cognos.  If you are able to successfully run the report, yet you have no output, you may be using a browser other than Internet Explorer.  Make sure you are using Internet Explorer and re-run your report.  

3. If neither of these options resolves your issue, please submit a ticket and a Data Management team member will contact you to help.


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