Student Employee Email

How To:

  • Access a Student Employee Email Account

Applies To:

  • Student Employees & Graduate Assistants


1) Go to Click on Employees and then Outlook. Your email address is your and your password is your ESU password.

2) As a student employee, or graduate assistant, you not only have your student Gmail account, we also provide you with an Outlook/Exchange email account.  This account gives you the opportunity to access departmental shared calendars, address books, and other features.  Here is a handy chart that highlights some of the differences between these two accounts. 

Box of features for students and employees

3) Typically, your Google email account is still your primary account, but you will use the Outlook email account for work activities, depending on your duties and your supervisor’s preferences.  A general rule when managing both accounts is to remember to always check your Outlook email at every work shift.  We also recommend that you forward your Outlook email to your Google account, so you don’t miss any email. 


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