Sync SharePoint Calendars to Outlook on Windows

1. Using Google Chrome or Edge go to Click on the link for your role- Employees or Faculty. 

OR If you have a direct link to your calendar open it and skip to step 5


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2. Find and click on SharePoint, then click on SharePoint Sites.

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3. Scroll down to the calendar section and find your calendar page name. (in this example we will use Visser Hall) Only those with permission will be able to access the page for this link. 

SharePoint Sites page

4. Open the calendar you want to access or sync.  Note: You will only be able to access calendars that you have permission to.

Page of calendar's to sync

5. You can access and edit the calendars from these pages or you can sync them to Outlook. To sync click the calendar icon at the top.

SharePoint Calendar view

6. Once you click the Calendar tab the following will come up. Click Connect to Outlook.

Calendar menu tab and tool bar

7. If you get this pop up choose Open Outlook.

Open Outlook pop-up box

8. You will then get the following pop-up. It may be hidden behind another window. Click Advanced.

Connect list to SharePoint pop-up box

9. Shorten the folder name by removing….. Room Calendars -. Leaving just the calendar name. This way in your Outlook you will be able to see the calendar name at a glance. (example VH Atrium) Click OK.

SharePoint list options box

Then click YES.

10. Your calendar will be listed under Other Calendars in Outlook. If you don’t see it close and reopen Outlook and it should appear 

SharePoint calendars in Outlook

Tips: Not seeing events updated? Click on Send recieve all folders icon ‘Send receive all folders’ or click F9 to update calendars. 

Don’t want notifications for events? Make sure to turn off reminders as you create events. Otherwise, you will get notified for each one.  


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