Set a Holiday Voicemail Greeting

How To:

  • Set a Holiday Voicemail Greeting

Applies To:

  • Staff & Faculty with an assigned ESU phone


The ESU voicemail system has the capability of recording separate Standard and Holiday greetings.  The University holidays are already defined in the voicemail system, so if your holiday greeting is enabled and recorded, it will automatically play during the holidays, and automatically switch back to your standard greeting when the University reopens. 

From your computer, either on-campus or remotely via the VPN, browse to https://myvoicemail.esuad.ds/inbox 

If you get a message that the page is not secure, you can click to proceed anyway.

Login using your ESU credentials. 

Cisco web interface with log in 

Click “Settings” 

Settings button 

Click Greetings -> View Greetings 

Greetings menu 

Your greetings are displayed: 

Greetings that can be selected 

Click “Holiday” 

Choose the holiday greeting and enable it 

Set the following settings: 


  • “Disabled” means your holiday greeting will not play, even during university holidays 

  • “Enabled with no end date and time” means your holiday greeting will play DURING UNIVERSITY HOLIDAYS ONLY.  Your standard greeting will play on non-holiday days.  This is a good option if you record a generic holiday greeting that would work for any holiday. 

  • “Enabled until” means your holiday greeting will play during university holidays, until the date you specify.  After that, your holiday greeting will be disabled, and your standard greeting will play, even on holidays.  This is a good option if you want to ensure that a greeting recorded for a specific holiday does not unintentionally play during the subsequent holiday. 

Callers Hear 

  • Select My Personal Greeting 

Use the Recording tool to record and review your personal greeting. 

Record screen 

The up and down arrows on the left allow you to upload a pre-recorded .wav file from your computer, or download your current greeting to a .wav file. 

The slider button allows you to choose whether you will be using your computer’s speakers and microphone for recording and playback, or whether you will be using your phone. 

The “number or URI” is the phone number that will be called if you choose to record your greeting from your phone. 

The progress bar indicates how much time you have left.  Recordings can be up to 10 seconds long. 

The Start, Stop, and Record buttons allow you to record or play back your greeting. 

Once you have your greeting recorded, click Save to save your new settings. 


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