Set Duo App to Autopush

How To:

  • Set the Duo App to Autopush

Applies To:

  • Staff, Faculty, and Student Employees using the Duo Mobile App


Note: Duo autopush is required to be able to log in and authenticate to the VPN. If you normally have to click 'Send me a Push', autopush is not selected.

1) Using an Incognito or private browsing window, log in to an ESU webpage that will require a login.

ESU Login Page, SSO

2) When you get to the Duo page, do not authenticate. Before you ask for a push, select the blue text “My Settings and Devices” from the menu on the left.

DUO Push Screen, select Settings and Devices

3) To make changes to your settings, you will need to use the push now. 

My Settings and Devices Push

4) Once you have sent a push, you will be able to select “Automatically send this device a push” and then press save. 

My Settings and Devices Automatically Send a Push


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