Remove a Synced Folder from File Explorer

How To:

  • Remove a Synced Folder from File Explorer (Windows)

Applies To:

  • Staff & Faculty


Note: You will see synced SharePoint folders in your file explorer under a building icon that says delete a folder directly from file explorer without stopping the sync first. If you delete the folder, it will delete it for everyone! 

Stop the sync

1) Right-click on the OneDrive icon in the system tray and choose Settings.

2) Go to the accounts tab. You will see all SharePoint folders that are syncing to your computer. Find the folder you want to remove and click Stop sync. If you have more than one folder that you want to remove, click Stop sync for each one. You will get a notification that the folder will stop syncing, Click Stop sync.

3) In file explorer, you will see the status of the folder no longer has a cloud, a green checkmark, or a sync icon. As long as the icon is gone, you can safely delete the files from your computer without deleting them from the cloud.


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