Add/Remove Shortcuts to OneDrive

How To:

  • Add/Remove Shortcuts for SharePoint files or Shared files to OneDrive

Applies To:

  • Staff, Faculty, and Students



  • You cannot use the Sync to OneDrive option along with a Shortcut to the same folder. If you want to switch from one method to the other you will need to either appropriately remove the shortcut or unsync the folder.
  • For example: If you make a shortcut to the folder in your OneDrive, the OndeDrive sync to the folder will no longer work. (and vis versa)
  • IMPORTANT- Deleting a shortcut or a folder that is still synced will DELETE it for everyone!
  • Shortcuts are placed in your OneDrive folder, not in the browser or on your computer desktop.
  • If you sync OneDrive to one or more computers, removing a shared folder from your OneDrive also removes it from those computers.
  • If you shortcut a SharePoint Drive and only want to use sync so you can access files in File Explorer or Finder, you may need to go back to the web version and sync it to OneDrive.
  • If a folder is no longer shared with you, it is removed from your OneDrive. To get back your access to the folder, ask the owner or an editor to share it with you again.

Adding a shortcut to a shared OneDrive folder

  1. In OneDrive web select Shared or go to SharePoint Drive on the web and visit the folder/file you want to shortcut.
  2. Open the file or folder.
  3. Select Add shortcut to My files.Or you can right-click the folder, and then select Add shortcut to My files.

How to find shortcut folders in your OneDrive

  1. Shared folders you've added to your OneDrive appear on the OneDrive on the web in your My files view.
  2. On a Windows PC, find the folder in Windows Explorer. On a Mac computer, use the Finder to locate the OneDrive folder. 

-The folder/file icon will have a chain icon on it indicating that it is a shortcut.

How to remove shortcuts from the OneDrive

To remove a shortcut you need to first navigate to OneDrive on the web:

  1. In the My files view, locate the shortcut version of the file/folder (you will see a chain icon by folders or files that have shortcuts)
  2. Select the one you want to remove.
  3. Select Remove shortcut. This only removes the shortcut from your OneDrive - it's still accessible from  SharePoint Drive or in the Shared folder in OneDrive web. If you delete the folder instead, it's deleted from everyone's OneDrive and the folder owner would have to restore it.
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