Samsung Phone Upgrade Procedure

How To:

  • Prepare for a Samsung Phone Upgrade

Applies To:

  • Staff with an ESU Samsung Phone


On the old phone

  • Make sure the SMART SWITCH app is downloaded.  This is the Samsung app that will transfer all the data.

On the new phone

  • Remove the SIM card from the old phone and put it in the new phone.  Turn the new phone on and start through the setup.  Once you have connected to WiFi, it will prompt you to transfer information.  Have the old phone next to the new phone with the SMART SWITCH app open, and connected to the same WiFi as the new phone.  It will start transferring data.
  • While it is transferring data, you can continue with the setup on the new phone.  Keep the new phone connected to WiFi until setup and data transfer are complete.
  • Make a test call in and out.
  • Turn off WiFi.  Download the app “NTW VISUAL VOICE MAIL”.  Open this app, and it will prompt you to set up your voicemail.​​​​​​​

On the old phone

  • Go to Settings, General Management, Reset, Factory Data Reset to erase the phone and reset it to factory default settings.  Return the phone and charger to the Helpdesk.


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