Receiving an Encrypted Email

How To:

  • Receive an Encrypted Email

Applies To:

  • Staff, Faculty, or Students


Gmail or Yahoo Mail 

1) "External" recipients will receive a notification email with a link. Recipient will click ‘Read the message’. 


2)  They can sign in to see the email by Signing into a service listed (Gmail, Yahoo or Microsoft typically) OR by requesting a one-time passcode delivered to the recipient's inbox. 


3) If they click sign in, the email will sign in or prompt them to log in and will open the email. 

If they choose the passcode, they will get this message: 


4) They will then receive a new email with the code. The code will be entered on the screen listed above. 


5) Using either method, the recipient will then be able to view the message in a web browser. 


Office 2016, 2019 or Outlook on the Web 

In the Outlook 2016, 2019 app or in your web browser you should not have to do anything additional to read encrypted messages. If you are using the Outlook mobile app the message should be readable like any other standard message. 


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