Authorized User Account Password Resets

How To:

  • Reset the Password for an Authorized User for the Student Account Center (payment site)

Applies To:

  • Authorized Users that been granted Student Account Center access by a student


1) If you do not know the URL of the Authorized User page a link can be found on 

authorized users on business offfice page

OR -

There is also a link on under Students, Proxy Access for Students. Look for the Parent Login for Billing and Payment button.

2) Enter the email address that was set up for an Authorized User account. Then Click the Forgot Password link. If the email address was entered correctly you will get a message that an email was sent. If the email account is wrong or if you do not know the email address please check with your student or have them go in and remove your account and re-add it. Please note that the IT Help Desk cannot set passwords or create accounts for Authorized Users.

Authorized user log in page


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