Accessing SharePoint Drive from a Mobile Device

How To:

  • Accessing SharePoint Drive from a Mobile Device 

Applies To:

  • Staff & Faculty


1) From your device's app store download the OneDrive app. (If you do not already have it installed) Sign into the app with your ESU email address and password. 

Graphical use interface showing the OneDrive icon

2) Open the app. This screen may vary a bit due to app version and operating system. 

Take a look at the menu options at the bottom- 

  • Files: These are your OneDrive files/folders 

  • Recent: Recently opened files 

  • The icon in the middle with the circle allows you to ‘scan’ a document with your device and save it to OneDrive or SharePoint Drive. 

  • Shared: Folders and files that other users have shared with you in OneDrive can be found here. 

  • Libraries: SharePoint libraries can be found here; this includes SharePoint Drive. 

3) Click on Libraries. 

From here you can scroll to see SharePoint Drives you have access to. You can also search for what you are looking for by clicking on the magnifying glass. SharePoint Drives end in SPD to help identify them. Click on the SPD you want to access and you will see a Documents folder. From this folder you can see all folders and files in your SPD. 

Graphical user interface showing SharePoint


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