SkyPrint Refund Request

How To:

  • Request a SkyPrint Refund

Applies To:

  • Students


1) From, Click on the Students link.Then click on the SkyPrint tile.

2) Login with your ESU username and password

3) Click on Recent Print Jobs link in the menu to find the job you wish to be refunded.Click the Request Refund link.

4) On this page, you will need to provide the reason for the refund request.

Valid reasons might be:

  • Job didn’t print
  • Paper was wrinkled or torn
  • Print job was blurry

Then click Send

5) Your request status is now Pending

6) When the request has been approved, and your money has been refunded, you will receive an email like this.

7) The status of the request now shows Refunded in SkyPrint


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