Installing a Network Printer on a Mac (non-Konica Minolta)

How To:

Install a Network Printer on a Mac (non-Konica Minolta) 

Applies To:

  • Staff
  • Faculty


1) Click on the Apple icon in the upper left, then click System Preferences. 

Mac apple menu showing system preferences

2) Click on Printers & Scanners. 

Printers & Scanners icon

3) Click the + to add the printer. 

Add printer box

4) Select the IP tab. 

For Address, enter the numerical IP address of your printer.  This can be found on a label on the printer. 

Enter the alphanumeric Name of the printer.  This also is found on the printer and will be a combination of the room number and printer model number. 

If you’d like, you can enter the printer’s location.  This is helpful if you print to multiple printers so they will be easier to tell apart. 

In the Use option, choose Generic PostScript Driver.  Click Add. 

IP tab

5) If your printer has a duplex unit or any other options, select them, then click OK. 

The printer is now installed and will be available in your list of printers. 

Setting up printer box


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