Downloading and Configuring FileZilla

How To:

  • Download and Configure FileZilla 

Applies To:

  • Students


1. Go to Click on Download FileZilla Client. Once the program is downloaded, double click on the installer from your Downloads folder and complete the installation. 

Download button for Filezilla

2. Once it’s installed, open the program. Click File, then Site Manager. Click New Site.

FileZilla icon   

FIle menu

New Site

3. Enter the following: 

  • Host: 
  • Protocol: SFTP 
  • Port: 22
  • Logon Type: Ask for Password 
  • User: Your username 
  • Click Connect. 
  • Enter your password. 

General Tab

Enter Password box

4. If a security message comes up, put a check mark in Always Trust and click OK. This will connect you to our FTP server for your website. 

Trust host


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