How to Sync a SharePoint Drive folder to Windows File Explorer

How To:

  • Sync a SharePoint Drive folder to Windows File Explorer 

Applies To:

  • Staff 
  • Faculty


1. In a modern browser like Chrome or Edge navigate to and choose your role. (Faculty or Employees) 

Hornet365 home page

2. Find and click on the SharePoint tile.


3. Once you have reached the page click on SharePoint Drive.  

4. Now find your main level folder on the page. In this example, we chose the CSI folder. 

5. In this example, CSI has multiple SharePoint Drive folders. Each folder from this page will need to be synced separately if you want to view them in your file explorer. Double click on a SharePoint Drive to open it. Note: You will be able to see all folder icons, but you can only access the SharePoint Drives that you have permission. If permission is needed you will need to contact your departmental DAC. 

6. From this screen, you can sync the drive to your PC. Click ‘Sync’ on the toolbar.  

7. You will then get two pop up boxes. Click ‘Open Microsoft OneDrive’. The next box will say Getting Ready to Sync. If you are not already signed in to OneDrive on your computer, you will also get a prompt asking you to sign in. 

8. You should get a pop-up notification from OneDrive that the files are syncing. In File Explorer, you will see a building icon that says after it. This is where SharePoint will sync. Each SharePoint Drive that you sync will be listed here separately.  


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