First Time User


  • Log-in for the first time to ESU Email and online services.  

Note: setting your password at Hornet365 will change all of your university passwords, including Canvas, Email, SSB, Banner Admin Pages and more

Applies To:

  • All new staff, faculty & students


Your first-time password is Esu######! (capital E, lowercase s and u, and #’s are the last 6 digits of your E-Number, plus an exclamation mark). This password is only good one time.  You MUST change your password when you first log in!

Go to Under the bronze Corkey near the center of the page click First Time User. If you know your username and first-time password, click on the Password Self-Service Tool link in Task One.

If you do not know, or have lost your E-Number, click on the E-Number Lookup Tool link under “Don't know your username of E-number”

If you do not know your Username, click on the Username Lookup Tool link under “What is my Username?” (You will need your E-Number, and you must type your last name with a capital.)

After clicking on the Password Self-Service Tool link, enter your ESU username in the username field, and the first-time password in the Current password field. Create and enter a new password in the new password field, confirm password, and click CHANGE PASSWORD.  Passwords must be at least 10 characters in length, must include upper and lower case letters, and numbers. Be sure to write down your new password so you do not forget it! Do not share this password with anyone!

Tip: Using a passphrase is highly recommended.  They are usually longer and are easier to remember.  For example, IloveCorkyHornet2019 is easy to type and remember!

After you have successfully reset your password, setup your security challenge questions. If you ever need them, you must enter them exactly as you created them. If you forget them, you will be unable to reset your password and will have to contact the IT Helpdesk to verify your identity and have your password reset (IT Helpdesk contact information can be found at (

If you have problems with your password, go to Hornet365 (, click the Passwords & Support link in the left-hand menu and select Password Self-Service. This link will re-direct you to the Password Self Service system that will allow you to reset your password using your newly created challenge questions. If you answer the challenge questions correctly, you will be forwarded to the screen to change your password.


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