Password Self-Service - Push Notification Authentication

How To:

  • Enrollment using Push Notification Authenticator for Password Self-Service

Applies To:

  • Employees, Faculty, and Students


1) Navigate to and click on Password Help on the upper right of the webpage. Then click on Go To Self-Service Tool. Login and click Enrollment.

2) Under Push Notification Authenticator click set up

Enrollment page backup verification methods. Starting with Google Authenticator then Microsoft Authenticator, and finally Push notification Application.

3) On your mobile device, search and install the ADSelfService Plus app.

Icon on iOS for ADSelfService Plus

3a) Open "Server Settings"

Server Name:

Port:  443              Protocol: HTTPS

3b) After inputting this information you can log in to your ESU account and change your password if needed.

4) Open the ADSelfService Plus Application and click on Server Settings.

In the Bottom-Left corner will be “Scan QR Code”. 

Your screen will give you instructions on how to find your QR Code. (If you followed the screen’s directions continue to step: 7).

Back on the Enrollment Page in the Upper-Right corner is an icon of a person.

Avatar icon with button for mobile access

Click on the person and click Mobile Access.

Scan the QR Code.

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