Web Time Entry in Self Service Banner for Exempt (Salaried) Employees

How To:

  • Enter time worked in Self-service Banner for salaried employees

Applies To:

  • Staff & Faculty


1) Open Hornet365.com. Click on Employees in the menu on the top.

2) Click the Timesheet icon.

website interface showing the Timesheet icon

Enter your ESU username and password and click "Login".

3) To record time, click the “Enter Time” button in the “My Activities” section of the Employee Dashboard.  Options available to you in the “My Activities” section will depend on your role.  For example, supervisors will have more options because they are required to both record and approve time and leave.

4)  Once on the timesheet tab, click the “Start Timesheet” button for the desired position and date range

          Graphical user interface showing the timesheet

A message will appear in the upper right corner confirming that a Timesheet has been successfully created.  Note – a timesheet has been created, but not submitted.


5) Select a day to enter time for on the calendar.For the day selected, select the Earn Code and enter the number of hours to apply. Then click Save at the bottom right of the screen.