Correct Timesheet Entry

How To:

  • If you need to correct or make additions to your time entry,

Applies To:

  • Student Employees, Staff, or Faculty


1) After submitting your timesheet, you may change your time entry until your supervisor has approved the timesheet. To make changes after submitting your timesheet, pull your time record back up by clicking on the “Pending” 

Website interface showing timesheet

2) Click on the “Recall Timesheet” button on the bottom of the timesheet.

Website interface showing timesheet

3)  Click on the dates you want to make the changes.

A.You can now change the hours by clicking on the pencil icon. 

B.You can add a new earn code by clicking the “Add Earn Code” in the middle of the screen and completing the entry. 

C.You can also delete that entry by clicking on the delete button. (circle with a dash through the center)