Install Adobe Creative Cloud on a Personal Computer

How To:

  • Install Adobe Creative Cloud on a Personal Computer

Applies To:

  • Employees & Faculty


1) Go to and click on the tab for your role (Faculty or Employees), click on the downloads tab. 


2)  Click on For Employees. 


3) Find Adobe Creative Cloud. Click download. This will bring you to the Adobe website.  


4) Click Download Creative Cloud. Once the download is finished, open and launch it. Find Creative_Cloud_Set-Up.exe in the Chrome download section (bottom of the browser) or find it where you save your downloads. 


5) Launch the installer and follow the prompts to set up the Creative Cloud app.  


6) Once the software is launched you will need to sign in. Put in your ESU email address, it will then bring you to an ESU log-in page where you will enter your username and password, you will also need to accept the terms to use the software. 

7) Once you have Creative Cloud installed and signed in, you can launch it and install Adobe applications. 

Note: All Students cannot install Adobe on personal devices. They can however use ESU computers to access the software. For more information see Adobe for Students.


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