Enroll a Security Key for Duo

How To:

  • Enroll a Security Key for Duo 

Applies To:

  • Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees Enrolled in Duo


A security key plugs into your USB port and when tapped or when the button is pressed it sends a signed response back to Duo to validate your login. 

In order to use a security key with Duo, make sure you have the following: 

  • A supported browser (We recommend the newest versions of Chrome, Edge, or Mozilla Firefox).

  • An available USB port. 

  • A security key that IT has enabled for your account.  

1. You will need to sign in to any service that uses Duo. You will then be greeted by the Duo Universal Prompt that you normally see,

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


2. Click on Other Options.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


3. Click Manage Devices.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


4. You will now have to verify that it is you trying to access your Duo account. You can veridy by using any previous methods that you have enrolled with including Duo Pushes, a Duo Mobile Passcode, a Hardware Token, Text Message or a Bypass Code. After selecting an option and verifying you will be brought to a screen that shows all devices that you have currently enrolled with your account.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


5. Click on Add a Device and select Security Key.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

6. Press Continue and you should get a pop-up to your computer that looks similar to this one:

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


7. Touch your Security Key and it will be setup with your account.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


You have now successfully setup your Security Key and can sign into your account using a Security Key.


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