How to Upload or Save Files to OneDrive

How To:

  • Upload or Save Files to OneDrive

Applies To:

  • Students, Staff, & Faculty


How to save a file to OneDrive using the desktop client

  • Click ‘File’, ‘Save As’, double click on ‘OneDrive -’, choose the folder location where you want to save the document and click ‘save’ OR ‘Save As’, click on ‘Browse’ and choose ‘’ from the file explorer. Navigate to the folder you want to save to and click ‘save’. Or you can copy and paste a file from any location to the OneDrive folder on your computer.

How to upload a file to OneDrive on the web

Go to and select your role (Student, Employee, Faculty), select OneDrive. Click the Upload button from the top of the page. Choose file or folder, then navigate to and select the file/folder, then click Open OR, just drag the file(s) into the OneDrive window in your browser.


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