Creating a Signature using the OneDrive App

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1) You will need to have the OneDrive app on your phone.  You can download this from your phone’s app store by searching for ‘OneDrive’. 

OneDrive app icon.  White box containing a blue cloud.

2) Once you’ve installed it, open the app.  Tap the + in the upper right, then tap Scan. 

OneDrive interface showing a plus sign and a menu option for scanning.

3) Sign your name on a piece of white paper.  You want your signature to be large and dark. On the bottom of the OneDrive App, select PHOTO and take a photo of your signature. 

OneDrive scanning interface showing a signature being scanned.

4) Click the crop icon and use the selection bars around the photo to crap the image close to your signature.

OneDrive crop icon.  An open ended box. 

5) If you use the center selection dots, they will move the entire side of the crop. 

OneDrive editing interface showing an image of a signature being cropped to a smaller size.

6) Click Done when finished. 

A blue button that reads, "Done."

7) Change the file name to ‘signature’ or what you’d like it to be named, then tap the checkmark. This will save the signature into your OneDrive storage so that it will be available on all of your devices. 

The OneDrive Save As interface showing the name of the file to be saved.


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