Accessing Gmail via the app on your iPhone

How To:

  • Access Gmail via the App on your iPhone

Applies To:

  • Students


1) Open the “App Store” on your iPhone.  


2) From the bottom right corner, click 'Search' and search for Gmail.


3) Locate the app from the list and click install or click the cloud with the down arrow. You may be required to sign into your Apple account to install the app.

4) Locate the app on your home screen. 

Sign in to the Gmail app with your ESU and your ESU password .

 If you already are signed into a Gmail account on this app, click your account icon (Your picture or initials), and press “Add another account”, then enter your ESU credentials. 

Note: The Mail app installed on iPhones is not compatible with your school email. Please use the Gmail app to ensure you can access your email. 


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