How to Encrypt Emails in the Outlook Desktop App

How To:

  • Encrypt Emails in the Outlook Desktop App 

Applies To:

  • Staff and Faculty


1) Open a new email. Then choose "Options" from the top ribbon. 


) Select ‘Encrypt’, then choose Encrypt-Only or Do Not Forward from the drop-down menu. (see step 3 of you do not see these options in the drop-down menu) 


3) If you do not see the list of encrypt options, click ‘Connect to Rights Management Servers and get templates’. There will be a brief install and then the options will show on the drop-down list. 

Note: Encrypt-Only is the recommended option, followed by Do Not Forward.  

Do not use ‘ - Confidential ‘or ‘ - Confidential View Only’ unless you are given guidance to use either of these options specifically, they should be ignored. 

4) Finish up your email and any additional attachments and you are ready to send. 


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