How to Record a Call

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How To:

  • Record a Call

Applies To:

  • Faculty & Staff with an assigned ESU phone line


In order to record a call, you must have ESU voicemail set up on your extension.  If you are unsure whether you have voicemail or not, contact the Help Desk.

To begin recording a call already in progress:

  1. Press the Conference button on your phone.  This puts the other party on hold.
  2. Dial 8031.  This connects to the call recording system.
  3. Press the Conference button again to resume the connection to the original party.

The call recording will continue until all parties disconnect.  A beep will sound every few seconds to alert all parties that the call is being recorded.  Once the call is complete, the recording is handled just like any other voicemail for your line -- if you have your voicemail messages sent to you via email, the recording will also be sent via email.  If your voicemail is set to retain your messages for retrieval from your phone, the recording is also retrieved the same way.


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