Nex-Tech Device Upgrade Procedure

How To:

  • Upgrade your Nex-Tech Phone to a New One

Applies To:

  • ESU Staff with a ESU owned Nex-Tech Phone


Back up the old device, then turn it off.

Pop out the SIM card from the old device and put it in the new one. 

Turn on the new device, and start following the prompts that come up. Then fill out the Apple ID / iCloud info when that comes up.  Your Apple ID is an email address.  If you have forgotten your Apple ID password, you can browse from a computer to to reset it.

Once the phone is activated and you are able to select apps, make sure you are connected to WiFi.
 Go to settings >> cellular >> cellular data options. Make sure that Voice and Data state (LTE Volte On) and also that Roaming is on (Voice and Data)
Go to settings>> cellular>>> WiFi Calling..
Select the WiFi calling and accept the terms and conditions. You will then be taken to a page to enter an address.  Enter the address of the location you will be most likely to place calls from, then select submit. Once it states that you are now on WiFi calling, go ahead and shut WiFi off. 
Dial *99 and listen to make sure that the voice states (VOICE OVER LTE) and then you should instantly receive a text message. You can delete the text message. 
With WiFi  off, make a test call and also call this device back to ensure cellular calling works as expected.
With WiFi off, take a picture and text it to another phone and then text a picture back from the other phone, to verify picture text works correctly.
With WiFi off go into voicemail. If the voice mail did not set back up, click the box that states enter a code and dial 9999 to unlock the voice mail. 
Once all these are completed you have set up the device. Turn WiFi back on so the rest of your apps can finish installing. 
Any questions contact or dial *611 on any NTW device and they can help you. 


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