Jabber Client Installation and Initial Login

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How To:

  • Install and Login to the Jabber Client

Applies To:

  • Staff and Faculty that have a Jabber Account


This app lets you use your ESU phone number from a PC, Mac, or mobile device.  You can use it to make calls, take calls, listen to voice mail, and more!

IT staff must enable Jabber for you before you can use it. There is no additional cost for Jabber if you already have a desk phone.  If you will be using only Jabber, and don't have a desk phone, the monthly cost is $14.  To request Jabber, contact the Helpdesk.

  1. To Install Jabber:  From Hornet.emporia.edu, go to Employees, Downloads, Jabber
  2. There are 4 different Jabber platforms.  Choose Windows or Mac, depending on the desktop you use.  To install Jabber on a mobile device, you can browse on your phone or tablet to the installer from Hornet.emporia.edu above, or you can go directly to the Apple App Store or Google Play store and download it from there.
  3. The following instructions are for the Windows platform, but other platforms will be similar.
  4. When the Jabber client is installed, it will prompt you to enter your email address.  You will need to enter your email address as username@emporia.edu.
  5. Then you will be asked for your username and password, enter your normal ESU login credentials.
  6. There will be several warnings that pop up about certificates.  Click “Accept” on all of them.
  7. If you have any difficulty getting Jabber installed or logging in the first time, contact the Helpdesk at ext. 5555, or helpdesk@emporia.edu


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