Accessing SkyLab from a Mac

How To:

  • Access SkyLab from a Mac

Applies To:

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff


1. Open the App Store and search for ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop' and click ‘Install’.


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2.  Visit and click on either Students, Faculty or Employees. Click on the SkyLab icon. 

3.  Log into the website with your username in the following format: ESUAD\username. Then type in your ESU password.

Username and password

4. Click on ‘SkyLab 2.0 (Desktop)’ or the specific SkyLab instance you want to connect to. This will download a file into your Downloads folder. 


5. Go to your Applications folder, then Microsoft Remote Desktop.



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6.  lick the gear at the top and select Import from RDP file.


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7. Browse to your Downloads folder, then select the file you downloaded earlier, called cpub-Skylab20-Skylab20-CmsRdsh.rdp.


8.  You’ll now have an icon in the Remote Desktop program called cpub-Skylab20-Skylab20-CmsRdsh.rdp.  Click the pencil icon, then change the Friendly Name field to ‘SkyLab’.  Do not change anything else on the screen.  Click ‘Save’. From now on when you access SkyLab, you will open the Microsoft Remote Desktop program from your Applications folder, then double-click the SkyLab icon. Select the file and click Import.


SkyLab Settings

9. Enter your username in the following format: ESUAD\username. Enter your regular ESU password. Check the box to store your username and password. This will complete the setup.  You do not need to repeat the previous steps again. 

Username and password

10. If you get a security certificate message, click Continue. 


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