Sending a Fax from Outlook or Outlook on the Web

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How To:

  • Send a Fax from Outlook or Outlook on the Web 

Applies To:

  • Staff
  • Faculty


1) Begin composing a new email.  In the TO: field, enter the address as   (i.e.   

Note: Enter numbers as if you were dialing them from an on-campus phone.  For example, you will need 9 for an outside line, and 1 for long distance.  For faxes to on-campus numbers, just enter the 4-digit extension (i.e.  

2) Any text you enter in the Subject field is inserted into the Subject line of the fax cover page.  Any text you enter into the body of the email is inserted into the Comments section of the cover page.  

3) Attach any documents you wish to include, and press Send.  

The receiver should receive an email letting them know you have sent them a fax.  

4) The Outlook / Outlook Web option is the only option that can be used for sending faxes from outside the ESU network without a VPN connection.  It will only work from authenticated Office 365 “” email accounts (i.e. not student accounts, personal email accounts, etc.)  


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