Downloading the Fax Client

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How To:

  • Download the Fax Client on Windows

Applies To:

  • Staff
  • Faculty


1) Browse to and log in, if prompted.  

2) In the lower right corner of the page is a link to download the client. You’ll go through the steps of downloading just as any other application.  

3) When you open it, it will ask you for the language. You will click on what you prefer and press “OK”.  

4) Once you press “OK,” you will begin the installation process. You’ll press “Next,” when you reach this page.  

5) You will have to accept the license agreement.  

6) After you accept the license, you’ll come to a page that has a bunch of red “X’s.” Each “X” will have a drop-down arrow next to it. 

7) When you click on the drop-down arrow, you will see 2 options. We recommend that you chose the second option. This way you have all the options. When you’ve gone through the list and made sure all the “X’s” have become the little box icons, you can press “Next.”