Manage Email Filter Aliases

How To:

  • Manage Email Filter Aliases 

Applies To:

  • Staff & Faculty


If you have ever changed your name or username, you may still have 2 (or more) accounts that are receiving email, even though they all appear in the same inbox.  In order to combine these accounts so that you receive only one quarantine notice, follow these steps. 

Log into the email filter quarantine portal Remember to use your full email address as the username. 

Click on the menu in the upper left-hand corner, then select Manage Alias. 

Enter the Owner (primary) address, and then list previous or additional (secondary) names in the fields provided. Click Notify, Then click ADD.

Check your email for the Request to Add Email of the Alias account. Confirm that the Secondary account is being redirected to the Primary account. If the accounts are correct, click Accept Request. If not, go back to the quarantine page and make any adjustments. 

You will receive another email for confirmation and an explanation of the alias account(s) being redirected to the primary email address. 


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