Add, Remove, or Change your Default Microsoft MFA Device

How To:

  • Add, Remove, or Change your Default Microsoft (Azure)  MFA Device

Applies To:

  • Staff, Faculty, and Student Employees


  • Go to and sign in 

  • Click the Update Info button on the Security info tile 

  • Click on the ‘+’ sign next to Add method to add another authentication method. 

  • Click on the ‘change’ or ‘delete’ buttons to change your current method selections. A ‘Microsoft Authenticator’ method may not be edited but can be deleted and re-added in order to change between push notification and authentication code methods. 

* We highly recommend you register a second method in case your primary method is unavailable. Enrolling your smartphone and desk phone is an excellent choice for on-campus employees.  


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Mon 2/22/21 2:18 PM
Tue 9/28/21 4:10 PM