Uninstall/Reinstall Jabber for Windows 10

How To:

  • How to Install/Reinstall Jabber for Windows 10

Applies To:

  • Staff and Faculty with ESU Jabber Accounts


If you are off-campus you will need to be connected to VPN first. Click here for VPN directions. Skip to step 5 if this is a NEW install.

1) To Uninstall- Go to the start menu and type ‘control panel’ in the search box. Click Control Panel.

2) Click Programs and Features. 

3) Find and select Cisco Jabber in the list, Then click Uninstall at the top. 

4) Choose Yes to uninstall. Jabber when then uninstall. 

5) To install- Go to hornet365.com, go to Employees, Downloads, ESU Owned, Jabber. Download the version for Windows. Run the installer, after the download finishes. 

Note: If you cannot get the installer to download, try another browser or save the download and then open it.

6) Click Accept and Install.